Friday, November 27, 2009

Sydney – a travellers’ paradise

Sydney is the most dynamic and the most happening city in Australia.

Sydney, which is the capital of New South Wales, may also be rightfully termed the financial capital of Australia.

Tourism is one of the most flourishing economic activities in Sydney. The Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House are world famous icons that the world identifies Sydney with.

Sydney is a travellers’ paradise. It has all the features that attract world tourists - world-famous icons, landmarks that are architectural wonders, cultural events that evoke nostalgia as well as encourage creativity, thrilling adventures, beautiful landscapes, inviting beaches, numerous harbours, bays and rivers, exciting night life, immense shopping potential, delightful dining experiences and lots and lots more.

Add to all this, the lifestyle, the attitude and the zest of its people, Sydney becomes the most attractive city for the world tourist!

Being home to diverse people from different parts of the world, Sydney has evolved its own unique culture, its own special identity and its own prime position amidst the prominent cities of the world!



  1. A neighbor's son-20 years old-just returned from a three month trip to Australia, a large part spent in Sydney. He absolutely adored it. I don't think he's too happy now being back in NY with winter quickly approaching.

  2. This is certainly a convincing post! Well written. A young friend of mine did a semester abroad and loved Sydney.

    Happy New Year!

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  4. Sydney Opera House is in a pretty sweet location, fantastic views. A must when in Sydney would be to walk the Sydney Harbor Bridge. It's fairly expensive but it's something that is a must do in life. Luna Park is across from all this. It's so old and cruddy I wouldn't bother really. The Botanical Gardens are absolutely gorgeous. Also just walking around Sydney City is amazing. There's amazing buildings and pretty gardens/ parks all around.

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  7. Sydney is a great city full of fun and adventure. There is something for everyone to see and do. The hardest part is finding the perfect hotel when there are so many great ones to choose from.

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